We offer a full-service therapy center that is separate from our main gym, including speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Therapy can take place in our private offices, our separate sensory therapy gym or in an inclusive environment in our main gym. Separate entry and waiting area for therapy. Siblings are free to use our open play area while their brother/sister is receiving therapy. There is no cost for use of the open play gym for the child or their siblings, on the days of therapy. All therapy is booked privately, please call for an appointment.

Speech Therapy

speech therapy for children

Speech therapy can have an incredible impact on children with autism, kids with language delays and sensory processing disorders. Speech therapy is also recognized as a vital part of social skills development and classroom integration. A speech therapist can help your child experience the world in a new and fuller way.  Through comprehension and expression, you can watch your child grow and flourish.  Speech therapists also aid in food sensitivity via oral motor therapy.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists can work with children with any variety of musculoskeletal or neurological disorders and/or injuries to improve gross motor development, balance, coordination and walking patterns. Physical therapy can increase muscular strength, range of motion and endurance and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Occupational Therapy

occupational therapy kids

Using a variety of approaches, Occupational therapists can affect children’s ability to perform self-care and activities of daily living, as well as their learning, play, work and social skills. With use of our sensory gym our occupational therapists can assist children with sensory processing disorders, to better be able to regulate themselves and not just function in the world around them, but engage and enjoy the world around them.                                                                                                                                    

Specialized Programs

Bowel & Bladder:  Bowel and Bladder issues can affect all aspects of a child’s life, as well as affect the entire family. Some common issues include: over or under – active bladder, urinary or fecal incontinence, constipation, urinary frequency & nighttime incontinence.  KC Valentine, DPT is trained to assess & help families identify & understand the underlying issues and then work with the child and family to address them.  Treatment may include specialized biofeedback for muscle reeducation and training; strengthening and coordination exercises; and child & family education and training.


Social Groups:  Triumph Kids’ Social Groups are led by our Therapists and assisted by additional TK team members.   Sessions are primarily play based to learn the important social skills needed to make friends, keep friends and succeed in social situations and environments.  Call for details or to get your child set up for our next group.

Private Pay

Private Pay rate:

>PT, OT, ST Consult: Free!! (30 minutes). Take advantage of the chance to meet with one of our therapists, ask questions and determine if therapy at Triumph Kids is the right option for you and your child!
>Initial Evaluations: $125
>Treatment Sessions: $100/hour

Medicaid Info

Medicaid: TK currently accepts straight Medicaid, CMS, Humana, Sunshine and Amerigroup. Claims are filed directly with Medicaid or other providers of Medicaid plans, there is no out of pocket expense to the families.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurances: Triumph Kids is an out of network provider for the following insurance plans, and will submit claims directly on your behalf. See below for details on what that means to you.
>Blue Cross
>United Healthcare

Out-of-Network: What does that mean?

At Triumph Kids we know that insurance can be confusing and bills can add up. We want to work with families to make the process as easy as possible, and lessen the financial burden. Triumph Kids will verify your out-of-network benefits and if applicable submit claims directly to your insurance company as a courtesy to our patients. Full payment is due at the time of service. (Your amount due will be dependent on our contract with your insurance company, as well as your personal plan’s benefits). Once your deductible is met, most insurance companies will reimburse a percentage of your bill, based on your individual plan. Sometimes the reimbursement comes directly to the patient, and at times the insurance company will agree to reimburse the clinic directly. If the clinic receives reimbursement, the amount will be credited to your account and future payments adjusted accordingly based on the percentage of reimbursement.