Triumph’s Teen Fitness!

Starting in mid-February we are introducing Triumph’s Teen Fitness Program! 

This class is for all teens  with an emphasis on our special needs teens

We know there is an urgent need for teen programs in our community. We also know that there are few locations that can offer a program that truly inclusive for all kids at the same location. Triumph Kids is pleased to announce a new exciting program. Our goal has always been to create an inclusive environment where all kids can go move play and be triumphant. Until now, we had an age limit of 10 years old for all activities, well no more!

Starting in February, we are closing the main gym at 7pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saddrick Benjamin (with guidance from our Physical Therapist, KC Valentine) will introduce a workout that will build muscle, burn fat and at the same time focus on learning your body. Quick and effective full body workouts We will keep it short and sweet with a 40 minute blast  mix of calisthenics, resistance and martial arts, fun stretches and activities that all will enjoy. This program is for all teens from 11 to 18 years that want to get in shape, make new friends and just have fun.

The program will not use weights but will focus on understanding body movement and help all kids to improve functional movement, balance and coordination. Every workout will be different and can be used as a “drop-in” type of class.

  • Each class is 45 minutes
  • Kids do not need to bring anything other than towel and water bottle
  • Prior sign-up and release are required
  • Drop in price $17
  • Monthly passes and packs are offered at discounted rates
  • Opportunity for parents to meet and share with each other
  • Opportunity to talk with Saddrick after each session
  • Progress reports will be handed out to parents

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