Surfer’s For Autism May 12th

Saturday, May 12th Triumph Kids will be closing for the day so that we can spend the day at the Surfer’s For Autism event at Marcinski Park.

As most know, our boys were diagnosed with Autism when they were less than 2 years old. We have been on this incredible journey ever since. A large part of their journey has been spent at the beach participating in Surfer’s For Autism events. They started before they turned 3 years old and we have made most of the roughly 13 events they have each year. We have traveled the State of Florida with them spending our Saturdays in the water and sand!

We have met the absolutely most amazing people on this planet at the events. Don who runs the charity is the most caring man I have met. Byron, one of the volunteers, and the one who has taught Noah how to surf is the most patient person I have ever met. Everyone that participates is part of our extended family and we are blessed to be a part of theirs. You will not meet better people any where.

Please come out and join us on this special day. Please, also if you can, donate to this, the very best charity there is.

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