Important Planning Discussion

First Steps Financial Forum

There is so much that goes into being Triumphant every single day. We spend so much time planning our next vacation, weekend, night out that we often overlook the most important planning we can ever do for our families. Triumph Kids wants to help our families take the stress away and help you create a Triumphant Future for your whole family.

Triumph Kids and National Planning Corporation invite you to take part in a First Steps Financial Forum for Families with Special Needs on November 8th, 5:30pm till 7:00pm. During this open forum, Nate McCardell and Alli Lazarus will address some of the most pressing questions in regards to planning for your families financial future. From Special Needs Trusts to ABLE accounts and everything in between, Nate and Alli look forward to sharing their knowledge with you. Snacks, refreshments and play time for the kids will be provided.

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Financial literacy is important for every family. It is especially important for those of us with special needs kids. We cannot guarantee we will always be there for our kiddos. It is absolutely vital we put a plan in place that not only properly cares for them, but provides for any and all eventualities. There are three possible funding sources for the future needs of our kiddos. We need to make sure today that at least two of those three are ready, able and willing to provide. First, fully and forever is more than a philosophy for those of us with special needs kiddos. It is our mandate. Let’s learn together how to be fully prepared.

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