About Triumph Kids

Triumph Kids is a sensory gym for all kids; a place for kids to play, learn, explore and grow together. We incorporate a vast array of kids groups and classes, as well as Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy for kids with ASD or other developmental delays.  We provide an inclusive environment for all children to develop friendships, play and grow together.

Triumph Kids Family

Our Story

Triumph Kids PortraitIn 2013 our twin boys Jacob and Noah were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We began a journey of discovery in an attempt to understand how our lives would be affected.  What we found was there is no such thing as normal. Our lives going forward would be defined by our boys’ view of the world.  We chose then just as we do today to embrace the unique abilities, talents and personalities that our boys possess. We celebrate these differences in all that we do every single day. We see triumphs in the little things, and we want all families to have the community support to make this possible!

This led us on our journey to create Triumph Kids. We envisioned a place where all families and kids, regardless of abilities can develop friendships, laugh, play, and explore together.  All children will be welcome to come and enjoy our fun active environment with swings, zip-line, trampoline, interactive play areas, classes and more. The children that are a part of our community will receive the opportunity for fun, growth and learning, as above all else we are a place for kids to go, move, play and Triumph.